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Our services


  • digital orthopantomogram (OPG)
  • digital teleradiogram (TRG)
  • cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT)
    • assessment of the state of dentition (visualization of resorptive lesions and root canal anatomy before and after endodontic treatment)
    • study of the alveolar ridge dimensions of the upper or lower jaw before implant placement or sinus lift surgery
    • post-operative follow-up of implant positions
    • study of impacted teeth position
    • visualization of the TMJ
    • assessment of the paranasal sinuses
    • study of the nasal bones and the facial skeleton before plastic surgery
    • diagnosis of post-traumatic changes in facial bones
    • study of the temporal bone and the inner ear
  • three-dimensional clinical photography (3D-photo)

Software usage and treatment planning

  • analysis and calculation of the TRG (cephalometric analysis) in the program Dolphin
  • reconstruction of special projections of the TRG from CBCT image
  • implant planning in programs (Simplant, Nobel Guide, Implant Assistant)
  • Comprehensive pre-surgical examination and planning
  • Preparation of CT data for manufacturing of stereolithographic (STL) models
  • 3D-modelling with the use of 3D-photo


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