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3D-photo of the facial area for 2000 rubles

Surgery planning — for free!

Modern 3D-diagnostics is the basis of the successful treatment

The imaging centre «3D Lab» is the most modern and high-quality X-ray diagnostics of the maxillofacial region in Moscow.

Our mission is the most accurate and detailed 3D-diagnostics.

Our task during each X-ray examination is to provide the doctor with the data necessary for the most effective patient treatment.

Our method includes highly qualified specialists, the cutting-edge equipment and vast experience in X-ray diagnostics.

To date, we have conducted X-ray examinations of more than 27,000 patients. We collaborate with more than 650 dental clinics, ENT specialists, maxillofacial and plastic surgeons.

In our imaging centre you can make the orthopantomogram (panoramic X-ray of the teeth), teleradiogram, cone-beam computed tomography. All X-ray examinations are performed with the equipment of the highest level of accuracy and safety.

3D-photo in the laboratory near Marksistskaya metro station

The laboratory near Marksistskaya metro station for the first time in Russia provides a service of the three-dimensional photography of the facial area for clinical applications in combination with the CT data for surgical planning in maxillofacial and plastic surgery (for more information, please, refer to the sections «3D-photo» and «3D-modelling»).

Our training center is created, in the first place, in order to share its experience with the doctors of different specialties. In addition to programs of scanned data processing, the software of the world’s leading manufacturers presented at our imaging centre allows the doctors to assess the entire area of interest with maximum correctness and accuracy.