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The imaging centre «3D Lab» provides the doctors with the highest quality images possible and a wide range of services.

We take care about the doctors referring their patients to us. Our aim includes visualization of the entire region of interest with the maximum clarity and getting valuable information for making the diagnosis. That is precisely why it is so comfortable to work with the results of radiographic examinations got in our imaging centre.

We are ready to share our skills and experiences and to educate the doctors working with our imaging centre to use the software free of charge (see the section «Training center»).

The results of radiographic examinations include:

  • CD (or DVD to record large amount of data) with the original examination (DICOM files) and Viewer that can be run under Windows and MacOs.
  • OPG, TRG and series of CBCT (cone-beam computed tomography) slices in the area of interest printed on high-definition film.
  • Sending via e-mail OPG, TRG and CBCT slices (JPEG format).

Interpretation of images

Written radiological report («interpretation of the image») is provided only in case of request of the referring doctor (by phone call, e-mail) after he got the image.

How to get the results of X-ray examination

The detailed information is available in this section: «When can I get the results of X-ray examination?»