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About us

Company history

Laboratory near Mayakovskaya metro stationLaboratory near Mayakovskaya metro station

The first laboratory (near Mayakovskaya metro station) was opened in 2007 and became the first Russian independent X-ray laboratory providing services of computed tomography for dentistry. For several years we have been the only laboratory in Moscow of such a profile actually creating demand for the services of specialized X-ray diagnostics for dentistry.

Laboratory near Marksistskaya metro stationLaboratory near Marksistskaya metro station

At the beginning of 2010, we opened the second laboratory near Marksistskaya metro station which had been equipped with the equipment allowing to perform CT scans with the large field of view (for maxillofacial surgery). The training centre was also opened on the basis of the laboratory near Marksistskaya metro station and was fully equipped for lectures, seminars and training of doctors.

Laboratory near Kropotkinskaya metro stationLaboratory near Kropotkinskaya metro station

Having opened the second laboratory, we performed rebranding: we changed the logo and the name to «Independent X-ray diagnostic laboratory „3D Lab“».

In autumn 2011, we opened two more laboratories equipped with high quality equipment. The laboratory near Kropotkinskaya metro station was equipped with cone-beam tomography for the maximum accuracy of dental tissue visualization. The tomography unit installed in the laboratory near Sukharevskaya metro station has the function of selecting the optimal layer of OPG.

In January 2012, we offered the service of three-dimensional photography for clinical applications (3D-photo) for specialists of maxillofacial and plastic surgery.

We collaborate with the leading software companies and provide medical services at the highest level.


Advantages of the imaging centre “3D Lab”


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