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3D-photo (three-dimensional photography for clinical applications)

For the first time in Russia, the imaging centre near Marksistskaya metro station presents 3D-photo of the face taken with the 3dMD Face system (U.S./UK). More than 1,200 devices are successfully used all over the world.

This equipment allows obtaining three-dimensional images of very high resolution (geometric error is determined within 0.2 mm). A three-dimensional image is created using the data from six synchronized cameras: 4 cameras convey information about profile of facial surface and 2 cameras transmit the data about the color.

The viewing angle of the 3D-photo is 180 degrees (type «from ear to ear»). High speed shooting of 3dMD Face system (one and a half millisecond — 0.0015 seconds) allows you to «freeze» the motion of the photographed object, which is especially important for children who are difficult to get to sit still.

The advantages of 3D-photo

  1. Reproduction of the natural contour of the face in any projection.
  2. The lack of soft tissue impressions resulting from positioning devices (which is inevitable when the cone-beam tomography scan is made — the chin rest and temporal supports, bite plates) and facial tissue displacement (which occurs when performing CT in the supine position).
  3. The possibility of documentation of facial expressions corresponding to different emotions.

The basic version of the program for the viewing 3D-photo (3dMD-Vultus) allows making key measurements (lengths and distances in space, surface area, volume of facial structures).