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Radiation safety

Radiation safety — the state of security of present and future generations from the effects of ionizing radiation harmful to their health.

The imaging centre «3D-Lab» strictly observes all principles of radiation safety of the staff, the population and the environment.

Our center meets the current standards of radiation safety, sanitary laws and radiation protection requirements determined by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation. (For more details, please, refer to the section «Licenses and sanitary-epidemiological conclusions (SEC)»)

Radiation safety standards regulate the following issues:

Radiation safety at the facility and around it

  • the quality of the project of radiation facility;
  • justified choice of district and area for the radiation facility location;
  • physical protection of sources of radiation;
  • zoning of the territory around the most hazardous facilities and within them;
  • operating conditions of technological systems;
  • sanitary-epidemiological evaluation and licensing of radiation sources;
  • sanitary-epidemiological evaluation of products and technologies;
  • availability of the system of radiation control;
  • planning and carrying out of measures on ensuring radiation safety of personnel and population during normal operation of the facility, its reconstruction and decommissioning;
  • increase of radiation hygiene knowledge of personnel and population.

Radiation safety of personnel

  • limiting access to work with radiation sources with regard to the age, sex, health status, level of previous radiation exposure and other factors;
  • knowledge and strict observance of the rules of work with the radiation source;
  • the adequacy of protective barriers, screens and distance from the radiation source, and also the time limit of work with it;
  • creating conditions that meet the requirements of the current rules and regulations of radiation safety;
  • use of personal protective equipment;
  • observation of the established reference levels;
  • the organization of radiation monitoring;
  • organization of information system about the radiation environment;
  • implementation of effective measures on personnel protection when planning the higher radiation exposure in cases of threats and accidents.

Radiation safety of the population

  • creation of living environment for people that meet the requirements of existing rules and regulations of radiation safety;
  • setting quotas for exposure from different sources of radiation;
  • the organization of radiation monitoring;
  • the effectiveness of planning and carrying out of measures on radiation protection under normal conditions and in cases of radiation accidents;
  • organization of information system about the radiation environment.