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Morita X-ray equipment (Japan)

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Cone-beam tomography unit 3D Accuitomo 170

Tomography unit allows to perform CT of the maxillofacial region with the field of view from 4×4 cm to 17×12 cm and resolution 0.08 — 0.25 mm.

The study is conducted in a sitting position that is comfortable for the patient and allows getting high-quality images due to minimization of artifacts associated with the micro-movements of the patient specific to the standing position.

Resolution options of this tomography unit allow to make very precise diagnosis in endodontics (examples of X-ray examinations) and to visualize even the minute structures of the middle and inner ear (for more details, please, refer to the section «CBCT scan of temporal bone»)


Конусно-лучевой томограф 3D Accuitomo 170
Конусно-лучевой томограф 3D Accuitomo 170