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Technology and equipment of the imaging centre “3D Lab”

How does the quality and success of the treatment depend on the level of the imaging centre equipment?

It's very simple - the higher the level of equipment and the wider the possibilities of the software for processing of the results obtained in the X-ray examination, the more accurate and easier it is to make the correct diagnosis and determine the right treatment.

The vast experience and competency of our staff is supported by the use of modern digital equipment and world class software.

Laboratories of the imaging centre “3D Lab” are equipped with tomography units of leading manufacturers  — Planmeca (Finland) and Morita (Japan) that allow to perform OPG, TRG and CBCT of maxillofacial region at the highest level of quality and safety.

All images are recorded on CD or DVD in standard international format for medical images DICOM. The Viewer, a special program for viewing images which has broad functionality and Russian interface, is also recorded on CD. We train the doctors for free to use this program (in Windows or on a Mac) on the examples of their patients’ X-ray examinations.

We use specialized DICOM-printers for printing out the results of the study on a high resolution film.

The software for our laboratories is provided by the leading manufacturers (Dolphin, SimPlant, NobelGuide, Implant-Assistant, Planmeca, Morita). These programs are designed for viewing and processing of X-ray images, making cephalometric analysis, virtual dental implant planning, preparation of computed tomography data for the manufacturing of stereolithographic models and surgical guides, working with photography and three-dimensional simulation of surgeries.

We use hardware and software that offers great opportunities for specialists in dentistry, otorhinolaryngology, maxillofacial and plastic surgery (for more information, please, refer to the section “Doctors”).

High quality equipment and experienced specialists are the key to accurate diagnosis and optimal treatment planning.