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CT scan of the temporal bone

Computed tomography of the temporal bones is necessary for the diagnosis of inflammatory processes, tumors, trauma, and other pathological processes of the middle and inner ear.

Indications for CT scan of the temporal bones

  • purulent discharge from the ear (otitis, mastoiditis and their complications);
  • diagnosis of the middle and inner ear tumors and malformations;
  • traumatic injuries of the pyramids, suspected fracture;
  • differential diagnosis of conductive hearing loss;
  • determination of cochlear duct patency;
  • cochlear implantation follow-up.

The advantages of CBCT scan of temporal bones made in our imaging centre

  • a very high-resolution image (0.16 or 0.08 mm) allowing the doctor to visualize clearly even the smallest structures and carry out highly accurate diagnostics;
  • very low radiation exposure (CBCT allows to scan not the entire skull as in spiral CT but only the cylinder with the diameter 4 cm and height 4 cm for each side), and the selectivity of the CBCT field of view allows to exclude the lens from the radiation zone.