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Comprehensive pre-surgical examination and planning

Dental implant planning

Using CBCT data you (oral and maxillofacial surgeon) can plan dental implant placement in specialized programs SimPlant, Nobel Guide, ImplantAssistant. After that the data can be sent to the manufacturer for the fabrication of the surgical guide that will be delivered to your clinic.

The software is installed in the imaging centre near Marksistskaya metro station (it is necessary to agree upon the time of the visit), professional monitor and coffee are also available for your convenience.

Comprehensive pre-surgical examination and planning

We offer comprehensive examination of the patients including performance of OPG, TRG, CBCT and 3D-photo and we also provide dentists with the opportunity of working with the performed studies’ data in the licensed programs of orthognathic surgery planning — Dolphin, Simplant OMS (for more details, please, refer to the section «Software»).