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Orthopantomogram (OPG)

процесс получения ортопантомограммы

What is OPG

Orthopantomogram (OPG) or «panoramic X-ray» represents the X-ray of dentition which is considered to be the «gold standard» for dental radiology. This basic research allows assessing the primary state of the dentition and, if necessary, appointing additional research. OPG is, essentially, a compromise between the cost of the study and the resulting volume of diagnostic information. «Panoramic dental tomogram» acts as a synonym for the term «OPG».

What is the procedure of OPG taking?

The image is taken in the standing or sitting position by specialized devices (orthopantomographs). At the time of image taking the X-ray tube and the detector positioned against of it move around the patient’s head. Modern orthopantomographs are equipped with digital detectors (not the film). Information flows from the detector to the computer. As soon as the software correction of the image is completed, the image can be printed on paper or film and saved in digital format (e.g., CD).

Radiation exposure

Digital technology substantially reduces radiation exposure in comparison to the devices that are used to produce images on film. The dose that the patient receives during the procedure of OPG taking equals to 10 — 40 mSv (microsievert) which is comparable to the radiation got on a Transatlantic flight. For comparison, the radiation dose got during lung film fluorography comes up to 500 — 800 mSv vs 60 mSv got during digital X-ray taking.


Does not require specialized processing and is given into the hands during 10 minutes.

Примеры ортопантомограмм

ОПТГ пациента с мостовидными протезами
Панорамный снимок, видны «золотые нити»
ОПТГ пациента с несколькими имплантами
Ортопантомограмма перед имплантацией