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3D-modelling with the use of 3D-photo

The correct measurements of the facial structures’ volume and the ability of surgery planning with regard to the changes of not only the bone anatomy but also of the contour of the face are considered to be highly relevant and compelling for the maxillofacial and plastic surgery

Advantages of 3D-modelling in clinical practice

  • complete visual simulation of the result;
  • objectivization of the result (implementation of various measurements);
  • visual post-treatment follow-up (comparison before and after the surgery).

In our imaging centre the result of a three-dimensional photo of the patient is saved in STL format, then it is possible to use the file in programs SimPlant OMS, Dolphin, 3dMD-Vultus to combine 3D-photo with the computed tomography (cone-beam or spiral) data and to simulate orthognathic surgery. During this process the search of correspondence between the face contour with soft tissues and bone structures is performed (special software algorithms are used).