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What does the procedure of scanning include?

You come to the laboratory with the referral at the appointed time. Please be prepared for the fact that there may be a necessity to clarify some details with your doctor on the phone. X-ray technician registers you in an electronic database and prepares the machine for imаging. The scanner is prepared with the help of antiseptic agents before each use.

Filling in the personal medical record

Administrator fills in your personal medical record which reflects all X-ray examinations performed in our laboratories and total radiation exposure.
You need to give your consent to the processing of personal data written in the medical record (in accordance with the Federal Law 152 personal data include full name, date of birth and date of taken X-rays, and appointment in our laboratory is considered to be a fact of seeking medical care).

Before scanning

It is necessary to remove all metallic items from the head before scanning in the X-ray room (jewelry, hairpins, glasses, dentures). X-ray technician draws on you a special protective apron and adjusts the scanner. Positioning in the machine takes 1–2 minutes depending on the individual anatomy and type of X-ray. To get more detailed information about the kinds of X-rays' images, see the section «Services».

What happens during the scanning

X-ray scanning of the area of interest (which may include the entire maxillofacial region, one or both jaws, etc.) takes 10 — 20 seconds, the X-ray technician leaves the room during the procedure and you hear only a distinctive soft squeak.

Getting high-quality images requires complete immobility of the head during the scanning without swallowing or chewing. Even the slightest movement can significantly reduce the quality of the image, and in some cases it may be necessary to repeat the procedure.

After getting the scan

After X-ray scanning technician checks the quality of the image, tells you that the image is successful and helps to remove the protective apron. In the case of CBCT (3D-examination) reconstruction of the data by the computer takes 1–7 minutes. Before recording examination on CD / DVD it may require post-processing of the image from metal artifacts which takes 2–5 minutes.

You pay for the examination and get its results if it doesn’t require decoding by the radiologist. To get more detailed information about the time of getting the results of different types of examinations, see the section «When can I get the results of the 3D-examination?»