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X-ray examination of children

No doubt, children can also have X-ray-examination in the imaging centre «3D Lab».

Dental CT scan allows getting better idea of the extent of teeth mineralization and the development of crowns and roots. During the study of 3D image it is possible to determine the presence and location of the teeth germs and to identify impacted and supernumerary teeth.

CT images clear out the shape, direction and location of the roots of the abutment teeth and the teeth to be moved; they make it possible to specify the degree of root resorption of primary teeth and the relationship between the deciduous teeth roots and the permanent teeth germs, inclination of erupted and impacted teeth relative to the adjacent teeth.

As a result of using the latest equipment with digital sensors that can be adjusted in terms of scanning volume and exposure parameters for patients of different ages («strength» and «hardness» of radiation), we get the high quality images with minimal radiation exposure.

It should be noted that the high quality of X-ray image can be obtained only in case of child’s immobility during the scanning (the same as for adults). If your child can be alone during 30 seconds in a closed room, freeze and doesn’t move the head, swallow or talk, we will be able to get clear image.