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How to make an appointment and what should I know before it?

First of all you need to get a referral from your doctor (dentist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, ENT specialist) which specifies the type of necessary examination and the area of interest.

We don’t conduct X-ray study without a referral from a doctor as it should be appointed by the physician according to the clinical data and the previous x-rays of the patient. As a result, we make X-rays only of the area of interest to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure.
To arrange the appointment for X-ray examination, please, call the phone number pointed out in the section «Contact Information».

Attending the imaging centre without an appointment

It should be noted that If you come to the X-ray examination without an appointment, the waiting time can reach 40 min.

CT-3D examination of heavyset patients

There are situations when anatomical features of the patient don’t allow his/her optimal positioning in the machine to get the desired image. In such cases, we propose the patient to make CT scan without guarantee of getting high quality results or redirect him/her to the laboratory near Kropotkinskaya or Marksistskaya metro stations. We recommend patients with large jaws, well-developed muscles of shoulders and relatively «short» neck to get the appointment in either of these two laboratories.