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Training on the use of Planmeca X-ray units and software

During the training X-ray technicians and radiologists get practical skills of patient positioning, learn how to acquire images by CBCT unit and process them in Romexis dental imaging software.

IP-cameras are installed in all X-ray rooms allowing to monitor the diagnostic examination performance.

Standard two-day training program

Day 1 (10 am — 6 pm)

Theoretical basis of digital imaging of different types of X-ray equipment:

  • overview of the types of images — intraoral, panoramic (OPG), TRG, cone-beam CT (CBCT), spiral computed tomography (SCT);
  • fundamental differences between CBCT and SCT;
  • advantages and disadvantages of the CBCT, artifacts.

For X-ray technicians

The use of Romexis software:

  • registration and editing of patient data;
  • work with the database, the types of images, comments on the images;
  • preparation of the patient and the CBCT unit to the exposure;
  • settings of brightness and contrast, zoom;
  • saving as JPEG file, record on a CD, printout the results;
  • possible problems associated with the use of Romexis software — CBCT unit — Reconstructor.

Practical part:

  • radiographic setup options with regards to the specific equipment (Promax 2D, 3D, Proline Pan-Ceph);
  • practical application of the knowledge gained during training on the X-ray phantom;
  • use of different FOV depending on the clinical situation;
  • adjustment of CBCT unit resolution, voltage and amperage;
  • correction of errors of positioning and exposure settings selection;
  • analysis of images from the database (the concept of a good image).

Day 2 (10 am — 6 pm)

For radiologists

The use of Romexis software:

  • basic functions (open and view images, import / export of files);
  • software modules (panoramic reformat, implants, TMJ);
  • operation algorithms, reformatted images, measurements, rulers, signatures;
  • 2D images, save and printout the results;
  • Romexis viewer — all that you need to know.

Romexis software practice

  • different clinical situations: work with CBCT reformatted images, visualization of lesions, implant planning (building cross-sections, making layouts, implant positioning), impacted / dystopic teeth, endodontic cases, TMJ imaging, etc.
  • the concept of the image visibility options for doctors of other specialties.

Duration of the training course can vary from 2 to 5 days, the training is provided on a paid basis.

The training is held by Grachev Vasily Igorevich, the Chief Doctor of «3D Lab». If it is necessary, the specialists of the imaging centre «3D Lab» near Marksistskaya metro station also take part in the training course.

The number of trainees shouldn’t exceed 15 people. However our recommendation is to have no more than 7 people on the training course.

The cost of training, number of participants and any requests should be agreed with our imaging centre beforehand. Contact us via e-mail: training@3d-lab.ru or call us: +7 (499) 584 44 84, extention 3.