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Training centre "3D Lab"

with the support of the Association of Private Dental Clinics
and the Center for Cooperation of Dental Organizations
with Russian Consumer Supervision

Our training centre has been primarily established to share experiences with doctors of various specializations.

The training centre includes the following spheres of activity:

  1. Free training courses are provided for the doctors working with diagnostic studies conducted in our imaging centre, we teach how to use the options of the programme «Romexis Viewer» which is a 3D viewer of CT data (image settings, building cross-sections, making measurements, including dental implant planning, saving the results) and work with the programs Dolphin, Simplant, Nobel Guide and Implant-Assistant.
  2. Training of radiologists and X-ray technicians is provided to systematize and to deepen the practical knowledge in the sphere of oral and maxillofacial radiology.
  3. Seminars on the organization of work in the X-ray room and radiation safety are held. Every participant gets a personal certificate.
  4. Radiologists and the X-ray technicians’ training of use of Planmeca tomography units and software (for centres that have purchased Planmeca equipment). During training course you receive practical skills of patient positioning in tomography unit, managing the unit to get tomographic images of the patient and working with these images in the software program. IP-cameras are installed in all X-ray rooms allowing to monitor the diagnostic examination performance. The number of participants and training programme must be adjusted with our team to get the best results.

What do we offer?

  • Lecture room for 15 persons equipped with a projector and negatoscope
  • 7 computers for personal training in the programme
  • Comfortable conditions (air conditioning, wardrobe, toilet, coffee machine)
  • Convenient location (in 2 stops on a trolley bus from the metro station)

Our address: 109147, Moscow, Bolshaya Andronievskaya Str., 25/33.
The nearest metro stations: Marksistskaya, Ploshchad Ilyicha, Taganskaya, Rimskaya.

E-mail: training@3d-lab.ru
Call: +7 (495) 584-44-84, extension 3

Our training centre