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Dental X-ray examinations quality assurance

The system of quality assurance of diagnostic imaging that has been organically developed and successfully operates in our imaging centre includes several main components. They are: the capabilities and the actual conditions of CBCT scanner, the experience of the X-ray technician, the skills of the radiologist and the doctor request.

Capabilities of our equipment

First of all, the image quality depends on the equipment capabilities. The higher the CBCT scanner capabilities (resolution, signal-to-noise ratio), the higher the quality of the «raw» image and the greater the opportunities to get the most accurate and precise results are.

Our imaging centers are equipped with the best equipment manufactured by the world’s leaders in the field of dental diagnostic radiography. Due to the resolution of 0.16 mm of the X-ray unit «ProMax 3D» (Planmeca, Finland) and the resolution of «3D Accuitomo 170» (Morita, Japan) equal to 0.08 mm, it is possible to visualize objects with sub-millimeter accuracy.

The equipment undergoes service maintenance strictly on time and is regularly calibrated. Thanks to the state-of-art hardware and software the imaging center «3D Lab» provides the highest quality of the diagnostic radiographic images.

Experienced X-ray technicians

The second factor determining the quality of the result is the ability of the X-ray technician to position the patient, choose the appropriate X-ray exposure parameters, recognize artifacts and redo the X-ray if some of the images are blurred or unclear. Unlike other diagnostic centers we have radiologists working daily in all our imaging centres. So X-ray technicians work under direct supervision of radiologists.

Radiologists with high level of qualification

The third factor providing quality assurance is the level of proficiency of the radiologist who is responsible for the image processing. The majority of doctors require not only the image burned on a CD, but also a high-quality X-ray film with necessary slices and measurements done for their medical purposes. Our radiologists provide the doctors with the clear and high-quality radiographic images determining to a large extent the treatment success and safety.

Feedback to referring doctor

The final stage of quality assurance system is the provision of feedback to a referring doctor. The major part of experts requires certain X-ray image parameters necessary for their further decisions on treatment. In such cases we use individual approach to the doctors’ requests to satisfy their needs. The correspondence between the results of our X-ray examination and the wishes of any particular doctor helps us to maximally meet the doctor’s demands and even further enhance our competency in the field of diagnostic services.