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Digital TRG

  • natural head position;
  • frontal and lateral projections;
  • JPEG + high definition print out on the film
Schemed lateral TRG with a fragment of calculations made in Dolphin

Cephalometric analysis (TRG calculations)

You can use the results of calculations made by qualified orthodontist in the program Dolphin to determine the type and extent of dental abnormalities and plan their correction, or you can perform calculations on your own in our laboratory near Marksistskaya metro station.

Our imaging centre has the advantage of providing you with the results of calculations made in Dolphin together with the original schemed TRG.

Impacted and supernumerary teeth examination

We offer all necessary planes (axial, cross-sectional, panoramic) to carefully assess the position of impacted, dystopic and supernumerary teeth. We also diagnose root resorption and bone destruction in adult patients and visualize the state of the roots of deciduous teeth and the tooth germs in children.

You will be able to identify the inclination of teeth and their relationships to the adjacent teeth and plan the best possible treatment strategy.

CBCT cross-sectional and axial planes of impacted tooth 2.3
CBCT panoramic reformatted image shows the impacted tooth position

Frontal and sagittal planes of left TMJ

CBCT and TMJ zonography

Radiographic examination of TMJ provides you with the information on the TMJ cavity width and depth, the steepness of the articular eminence, condyle shape and size of the joint space.

CBCT scans of TMJ are made in open and closed positions and frontal and sagittal sections of both joints are also offered routinely.