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Implant dentistry

What do we offer to implantologists?

We conduct alveolar process measurements on each section with submillimeter accuracy taking into account the slice thickness chosen by you (by default the slice thickness of 2 mm is used).

It enables you:

  • to determine the opportunity to perform safe implant placement,
  • to specify indications and contraindications for the sinus lift surgery and bone grafting,
  • to evaluate the results of these surgeries (we offer 50% discount on the radiographic examination performed in the same field).
Mandibular alveolar bone dimensions, well-contrasted mandibular canal
Measurement points of the maxilla after sinus lift
Example of the measurements performed in the area of tooth 2.2

We make conversion of CBCT files to import the data into the program of virtual implant planning and we also perform dual scan of patients (with radiographic guide and without it).

You can:

  • use these data to position the implants in specialized software,
  • order surgical guide fabrication by manufacturers (our data are compliable with Nobel Guide, SimPlant and ImplantAssistant software).
Control of implant positioning in the maxilla
CT scan allows to control dental implant positioning and shows its relationship with the mandibular canal
Surgical guide is constructed in SimPlant software