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Laboratory near Kropotkinskaya metro station

119019, Moscow, Gogolevsky Boulevard, 3

Hours of operation

  • Monday-Friday 10:00–20:00
  • Saturday and Sunday 11:00–18:00


+7 (499) 584-44-84, ext 1.

Performed X-ray examinations

All X-ray examinations except for «3D-photo», «Skull CBCT» and «Comprehensive pre-surgical examination and planning» (performed only in the laboratory near Marksistskaya metro station)


  • On foot — Exit the metro station Kropotkinskaya to Gogolevsky Boulevard (not to the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour), turn right, go down the stairs, cross the road and walk 30 meters to the right along the house No. 3
  • By car — the outer side of the Boulevard Ring (drive past Gagarinsky Lane and stop in front of the Square of Prechistensky Gate).


The laboratory is located in a three-story mansion, the entrance is on the side of Gogolevsky Boulevard (between the shoe store and the arch), a porch is common with other organizations. Go upstairs to the third floor, our door is on the right.

Entrance: glass door to the left of the arch, 3rd floor